Holiday pass travel hampered by heavy mountain snow

SNOQUALMIE, Wash. - More snow is on the way for Snoqualmie Pass and officials warn it could lead to dangerous road conditions during the holiday travel weekend.

Washington State Department of Transportation issued traffic advisories throughout Thursday for drivers traveling eastbound and westbound on I-90.

The pass received roughly six inches of snow Wednesday night. WSDOT supervisors said crews are preparing for an additional two feet of snow through the weekend.

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    Brendon Johnson and his daughter made a pit stop to throw snowballs at a rest stop in Snoqualmie Pass. He said his morning commute was smooth, but he did reduce his speed because of slush on the roads. Johnson is encouraging drivers traveling through the pass for the holiday to use caution.

    “Take it slow, bring chains, bring shovels, flashlights. You never know when they’re going to shut the road down or something’s going to happen or an accident. So, you get stuck anywhere so be prepared,” said Johnson.

    During the heavy snowfall Wednesday night, Kathy Spring crashed into a barrier on I-90 while her way to Baker. She said her car hit a patch of black ice and lost control. Spring was not hurt but was shaken up while looking at the damage on her car.

    “I’m very, very thankful the outcome wasn’t us getting carried out by an ambulance and somebody else. I mean, it would have just killed me if somebody else would have gotten hurt,” said Spring.

    Spring also advised holiday travelers to drive safely on the slick roads.

    “All I can say is take your time. Take your time. Make sure you’ve got everything you need—road flares, emergency things, blankets, pillows, water, everything you need. Because you’re like me. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You just don’t know,” said Spring.

    WSDOT crews will be alternating 12-hour shifts through the next big snowfall.