Hardware stores swamped with business as residents prepare for winter storm

SEATTLE – You might love it. You might dread it, but winter weather is coming.

Conditions are going to get sloppy with multiple rounds bringing in a mixed bag of wind, freezing temps and snow. Now, hardware stores are swamped with business as people get their homes and cars ready for the weather.

“Tomorrow we get about 60 snow shovels in,” Ramon Cumberbatch with Hero Ace Hardware said.

All 15 of the store’s shovels were sold out Thursday, including 13 of year-round shovels.

“So, February last year, we sold out completely,” Cumberbatch said. “I had to drive to Yakima to get them in to prevent that this year. I ordered extras just in case.”

And it’s not just the shovels selling out either. Normal-sized bags of ice melt are gone too, but Cumberbatch has the large bags in stock.

“This is going to be your ice melt,” he said. “Your basic supplies, you’re going to need for the winter to get you outside your house.”

Q13’s Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley says winter weather begins this weekend. High winds, freezing low temps and then a sloppy snowstorm will all come in this following week.

“I’m a little worried because I’ve never encountered snow,” said Margarita Rodriguez, who just moved to Seattle. “I don’t know how much it’s going to be, but I heard it’s going to be quite a storm coming.”

“Thankfully I’m leaving town Wednesday,” Seattle resident Wayne Donnelly said. “My main objective is to get to the airport and get out of town.”

With the goal always safety, it’s good to remember to stay inside, away from the elements and remember to check in on your neighbors.

“So, neighbors are sharing now more at least, so that’s a good thing now but you should have your own shovel and you should have your own ice melt,” Cumberbatch said.