Happy New Year everyone and hello 2021; bring on the rain & wind

Here we go!  Our final weather blog for 2020!  And what a year it has been weather-wise.  Seems appropriate to kick off 2021 with traditional Northwest weather.... Rain, wind and mountain snow.  

Lets start with our goodbye 2020 forecast for tonight.  Rain is already pushing in off the coast and will reach Puget Sound just after midnight. Conditions will also turn a bit breezy to windy around the region.  

Showers will continue to fall into the early morning hours of 2021 and will let up some by mid-morning, but return with a little more punch after lunch time lasting through much of the rest of the day and evening.

Wind may also be a factor. We could get pretty gusting at times.   This is something we are watching very closely.  Just depends the exact track of the system... so stay tuned!  Here's a look at our futurecast winds for tomorrow around lunch time.  Make sure to secure loose objects outside, especially for the coast and North Sound. 

Saturday expect light rain to start the day with some bigger bursts of moisture near 4pm. Rain will decrease into the overnight hours for a brief break Sunday morning through parts of the afternoon, but 7pm another sloppy system rides up from the south producing some strong cells.  

Along with the rain their is another threat of gusty winds. Right now winds are on track to gust up out of the south up to 40-50mph for the coast and North Sound with less wind near the metro area, but still gusting at time 25-35mph.  Another wait and see situation at this point.  Here is a look at potential winds:

And lets not forget about the mountains.  We're in for more fresh powder!  Great news for skiiers and boarders, but pass travel will once again get very tricky over the weekend!  Friday is the better day to move across the Cascades as mostly rain and a wintry mix will fall with snow levels up close to 6,000'.  Saturday will be tough. Here's a look at some of the snow totals through Saturday:

Monday will be somewhat quite with just a few scattered showers through the day.  Highs land above normal for this time of year in the upper 40s to low 50s.  

The break in systems will last through Tuesday night. That is when the next round of rain comes are way lasting through Wednesday morning.  High near 50. 

Overnight Wednesday into Thursday you guessed it... more RAIN packing another decent punch!  

And because of all the rain we'll continue to watch the region for flooding, especially Mason County where the Skokomish River near Potlach.  That area is very prone to flood levels rising and receding between systems.  

Stay safe and healthy all!  Happy 2021! ~Erin


  • Erin Mayovsky, Q13 Forecaster

Twitter:  @ErinMayovsky

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