Friday forecast: Gusting wind, snow and freezing temperatures

SEATTLE – The winter weather will be here for a long time.

More snow for areas north of Seattle is in the forecast from early Friday morning - midnight to 6 a.m. I’m not expecting more than an inch or two because it all turns to rain by 9 a.m.

Even Seattle can “see” snow for a few hours early Friday. Friday will be very windy and very wet.

The strongest winds will be north of Seattle with gusts as high as 50 mph for places like Bellingham during the day. It’ll be sloppy with standing water on the roads for the commute times.

The snow level is low, but it does bounce up to 2,000 feet through Saturday. The convergence zone may bring snow levels down throughout the weekend for towns like Mount Vernon, Everett and Monroe so plan on wintry conditions in that area.

Most of the snow stays in the mountains, but we are talking about MAJOR SNOWFALL there.

I’d expect pass closures throughout the weekend. It’s a skier’s delight but a driver’s fright. The ski areas will pick up 20 to 40 inches through the weekend.

Starting Sunday, we get the arctic blast, and as usual, the cold arrives as the moisture goes away but with that said I’d expect a few inches Sunday and Monday for most of us.

Details on each day will come from the weather team as we get closer. It will be cold enough to get snow every day next week, but we will have to check the moisture source each day. It’ll be very cold and very dry too.

Next week we will have icy roads and sidewalks regardless of snow, and even that will cause school delays. Just plan on wintry conditions for the entire week!

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