Forecast: Rain, mountain snow return to western Washington

SEATTLE -- I hope you enjoyed our nice rainy season reprieve from Mother Nature. Today we're back toward normal, which means chilly temps and some rain.

Some areas starting out Monday with temps in the upper 30s. Most around the Central Sound are in the mid 40s. A jacket with a hood helps you take on Monday if you'll be out and about.

There will be rain at times and temps will be much cooler than we've gotten used to in the last week. It's also a bit breezy along the coastal areas. Temps are much closer to 50 than 60. Normal is 55 for this time of year.

Snow for the mountains is above 2,500 feet. Expect a few inches of snow today and several inches tonight. Tonight the sun sets almost at 7:30p. We'll see showers at times and temps a tad below the normal morning low of 40.

Big changes are ahead compared to last week's dry and mild weather. We've got a dip in the jet stream called a trough that will affect weather on the whole west coast. More active weather rolls through our region, meaning lowland rain at times, mountain snow, and temps cooler than the normal high of 55 for this part of early spring.

The best bets for decent breaks from rain looks like Wednesday afternoon into mid-day Thursday. And late Saturday until rain returns Sunday. I'm optimistic that the Sunday rain could hold off until after dinnertime, right now it's just too soon to tell.