Forecast: Patchy fog and cold temperatures

Patchy fog will return to the forecast tonight. It won't be as widespread as Monday, but it'll still be present. 

Overnight lows will drop in the mid-lower 30s for most of us. As the fog develops, be on the lookout for refreezing fog. Freezing fog will remain in the forecast for the next few mornings. 

Once the fog lifts, the sun will warm us up! Highs will rise into the 50s, and it'll be a lovely and "warm" day. Temperatures will be above normal (52 degrees) and you'll want to take advantage!

Easterly winds will kick up through the parts of the Cascades and Foothills tomorrow due to high pressure. You'll notice those gusty winds as times over the next few days!

I'll leave you with a look at your 7-day forecast:

Have a good one!