Fog-tober continues, so does smoke at upper levels in the atmosphere

Like yesterday, we're starting out with dense fog that will probably take its time burning off.  Once it does, we'll have the same kind of hazy sunshine as yesterday.  We'll top out in the low 70s, a lot like yesterday.

Air quality at the surface continues to be good-to-moderate.  But we're seeing a couple of areas with the designation "unhealthy for sensitive groups" - the orange dots.  This morning, that includes Darrington, Chelan and Downtown Seattle at 10th & Weller.  The FutureCast Smoke Model is showing that smoke could linger over us through the weekend, and could clear out by Sunday afternoon.  It is likely to stay at upper elevations, which is good.  As for the future, it all depends on the fires in California.  

The weekend looks similar to today with morning fog & cloud, afternoon hazy sunshine (depending on the smoke), but it'll be cooler with highs in the mid-to-upper 60s, which is normal this time of the year.  We look dry until maybe next Thursday when there is a chance of rain.

Here's a super cute brand-new baby dressed as a pumpkin.  Happy October!

Meteorologist M.J. McDermott