First mountain snow of the season coming this weekend

SEATTLE -- Fall at its best for now, but it's going to get colder this weekend!

Early Thursday morning (like while we sleep) there will be showers. Most of the rain will be done by 8 a.m. Seattle enjoys “the rain shadow,” so not much here.

This system clears rapidly and it’ll be sunny Thursday afternoon with a high near 60.  Friday has some afternoon showers with a high near 57.

The weekend doesn’t look very wet for the Metro but it will be noticeably cooler. Highs go from 70 today to about 50 by Sunday.

In fact, it will get so chilly that the mountains will get their first snow of the season. The snow level drops to 4,000 feet by Saturday afternoon so I’d expect a little snow up at Stevens Pass.

Since we are coming off of Summer the highway will collect some slush but there wouldn’t be any impacts for the Pass.

Sunday morning would have a little more snow up there as the low drops south.

The main story this weekend is that we will be cold for this time of year.  An example would be Wenatchee, where it goes from 75 today to 39 Sunday for a high! Next week looks fine so this is a short-lived Chill!