Seattle weather: First freeze of the season happening Wednesday

I know you felt that chill today! It was breezy, aiding in the wind chill, and cold as highs peaked in the lower 40s. The coldest high temperature ever recorded on this date was set back in 1973 at 43 degrees. We tied that today! 

Temperatures from here on out will continue to fall. If you haven't experienced your first freeze yet, tonight is the night. Clear skies will allow for the temperatures to easily hit that freezing mark. Here is a look at our morning lows:

As the sunrise (7:05 a.m.) takes place, temperatures will begin "warming" up! We'll be a few degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon as highs are expected to climb into the mid-upper 40s. Expect sunny skies throughout the day! 

Now, we are expecting temperatures (both highs and lows) to remain below normal throughout the 7-day forecast. However, the 8-14 outlook shows us that we have an equal chance of going either way (above OR below). The rest and majority of the country looks like they'll continue on the below-normal train.

When it comes to precipitation, we are not expecting much this week. It'll be dry throughout the 7-day forecast, and it looks like we could go either way (above or below) through the 8-14 day outlook. 

Here is a look at our 8-14 outlook trend:

I'll leave you with a look at your 7-day forecast:

Stay toasty out there!