Fed up with snow blocking their favorite bike path these Boston cyclists did something to make every 10-year-old jealous

BOSTON, Massachusetts --  Some cyclists in Massachusetts really wanted to keep riding their favorite bike path between Boston and Medford.

But the near continuous snow and unending plowing meant that path was blocked by huge snow berms and mounds.

So they decided to take matters into their own hands and dig a snow tunnel.

"The MBTA blocked access to a bike path with a giant snowbank when they plowed the parking lot at Wellington Station," wrote Ari Goldberger on YouTube.  "We decided to do something about it!"

The tunnel stretched some 40 feet and helped Goldberger and his fellow cyclists avoid a dangerous intersection.

But then someone came through and knocked the whole thing down.

So when the sun came out the crew went to work and REALLY took care of their path.