Expect passing snow showers as wintry weather continues through Friday

SEATTLE -- Wintry weather will continue through Friday. Snow levels will rise above the cities by Friday night.

Heavy snow continues for the foothills and mountains through the weekend. Snow level remains near the surface through Friday, but goes up to 1,500 feet by the weekend. More pass closures through the weekend!

There will be more lowland snow this week but it will be localized in the form of passing snow showers. The most snow will be away from Puget Sound on higher hills.

The winds pick up by Wednesday, and as heavy snow stays on trees I’d expect more power outages. The Hood Canal and South sound will get the most snow Wednesday and Thursday.

Roads will be icy all week especially at night and in the morning. Cold temperatures remain in place and wind chills in Bellingham will be around zero degrees.

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