Dry weather giving out to clouds and rain after MLK Day

We're still tracking a tsunami advisory in effect for Washington's outer coast and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Other than that, we're forecasting quiet weather around Western Washington.

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Important note: this advisory does not apply to Puget Sound. There may be rougher waters or bobbing along the waters in Puget Sound, but we're not expecting flooding or tsunami impacts at this time. Experts tell us it's unlikely that Puget Sound will be upgraded to an advisory level; experts say it's because the waves will lose some stream pushing into the eastern Strait.

This tsunami advisory is in effect due to a volcanic eruption near Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. That's more than 5,700 miles away from Seattle! A tsunami advisory means that tsunami waves one to three feet above tidal waves and sea levels are expected. This alert may be in effect for several more hours before being canceled. Experts tell FOX 13 that a tsunami advisory can't be canceled until three hours after the final tsunami wave; that means, we'd have to have quieter, normal waves for a few hours before the advisory goes away. 

DETAILS: Volcano erupts in Tonga: Tsunami advisory issued for US West Coast, including Washington and Oregon

In terms of our local weather, we're forecasting beautiful, tranquil conditions today and tomorrow. Morning fog will lead to afternoon sunbreaks. Enjoy the dry weather!

(FOX 13 Seattle)

As we celebrate and remember Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, mostly dry weather is expected. However, there may be a few isolated showers. Highs stay in the upper 40s. 

(FOX 13 Seattle)

And true to her form in January, Mother Nature will be serving up daily chances for showers starting Monday and continuing at least through Friday.

Stay tuned to FOX 13 for the latest on the tsunami conditions.

Take care,

Meteorologist Abby Acone

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