Dry for now, but the sunshine is fleeting

One more day of some amazing November sunshine. High temps will be above the normal by about 6-8 degrees. The sunshine will be fleeting since now the sun sets just before 5 p.m.

Twilight lasts until about 5:30 p.m. Get out and enjoy it if you can! 

The high pressure that kept our Halloween weekend so nice is moving east. We'll see a series of three wet weather systems moving through this week. Each day this work week will have some rain at times and a bit breezy too.

We'll be wet and relatively warm for most of this week-- with overnight lows being very close to normal high temperatures. We look to switch back to a cold and dry weather pattern as we get into the weekend.  

We're also tracking Hurricane Eta off the coast of Central America. The outer rain bands are already lashing the coast of Honduras and Nicaragua. 

Eta is expected to strengthen to a Category 2 hurricane later today and make landfall tomorrow along the coast. The 1-2 feet of rain could cause big mudslides in the higher terrain of the inland parts of the region. -Tim Joyce