Seattle weather: Drier and warmer conditions coming our way and staying

It was a blustery Wednesday as rain and wind kicked up across the state! Here's a look at some of the strongest winds. Whatcom County pretty gusty with Bellingham hitting 55 mph midday.

Highs were cool again, landing 10 degrees cooler than average for the Seattle area.

And just a friendly reminder: even though we're into late spring, lake water temperatures are still very cold! As air temperatures warm into the summer months, we'll see water temps slowly rise, but will be very chilly into late August. So, know your surroundings, stay with a partner, and wear a life jacket!

The morning commute looks a bit mixed, with some seeing showers while others remain dry. We'll all be running cooler than average when we get out the door Thursday. Normal lows for this time of year should be near 50! 

As rain falls in the lowlands, the mountains will see snow falling near 3,000–4,000'. A "Winter Weather Advisory" will stay in place through early tomorrow.

As we fast-forward to the evening commute winds relax with rain pushing into the foothills and the mountains. We should see a pretty sunset as clouds clear out too. Highs land in the upper 50s. 

We jump back into the 60s again starting Friday under partly cloudy skies. Highs land near 64 for Seattle.

As a ridge builds into the region we'll trend drier and warmer. For those of you craving the 70s we might just get there this weekend. As we push into Sunday many of us will ride into the upper 60s to low 70s.

The work week brings back slightly cooler highs under mostly dry conditions. Enjoy! 

Have a great night all! ~Erin Mayovsky, FOX 13 Forecaster

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