Crews prepare for first fall storm in areas affected by wildfires

Residents impacted by recent wildfires are now bracing for the first storm of the fall season.

"When we get wind, we got large limbs off these trees onto our yard. We get the benefit of our neighbors trees in our yard so we worry more about that," said Sumner resident Scot Lane.

Locations downhill or downstream from burned areas are susceptible to flash flooding and debris flow. In preparation, crews from Pierce County laid down loose straw on Meyer's Road in Sumner to prevent erosion from Wednesday's heavy rain and wind. The Lanes live next to the burned area and they're getting ready too.

"With fall coming we try to keep things swept up," said Sumner resident Rhonda Lane.

Along Highway 410 between Bonney Lake and Sumner, WSDOT says crews also placed a straw in ditches, removed trees that may fall down, and removed debris and dirt from the roadway and shoulders. WSDOT crews will also monitor the hillside during the storm.

Areas affected by wildfires aren't the only ones that will see impacts. Localized flooding is possible in urban areas, so be sure to clear fallen leaves from storm drains.