Cooler temps and abundant sunshine after record-breaking heat

SEATTLE -- We survived a record-breaking hot day Wednesday, and now we'll be rewarded with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine.

Here's a breakdown of the rest of the week:

THURSDAY:   Look for highs to back off, landing near 80 with abundant sunshine.  Overnights fall back to the mid 50s.

FRIDAY:  Still mostly sunny!  We cool a bit more dropping highs into the low to mid 70s with lows near 54.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY:  Lots of blue skies!  Temps climb a few degrees into the upper 70s.  Overnights near 57.  Saturday looks to see more sun with increasing clouds for Father's Day 2019.

MONDAY:  Our cloud cover thickens up a bit for mostly cloudy skies and a slight chance of rain.  Highs near 75 with lows about 56.

TUESDAY:  Slightly cooler, but still above normal.   Look for partly sunny conditions with highs finally near normal at 70.  Lows mid 50s.

WEDNESDAY:  More sunshine with highs in the low 70s.

Enjoy the spring sun with summer warmth!