Cold temps, fog and hazy sunshine in the forecast

Buckle up for rounds of morning fog this week. Also, if you have asthma or other respiratory issues, get ready for a drop in air quality. 

An Air Stagnation Advisory is in effect from 4 o'clock this afternoon to noon Wednesday. Our quiet weather pattern could trap smoke and car/industrial pollution in our skies.  Not only could this give us "filtered sun" or hazy skies, lower air quality could create issues for folks with breathing problems. Puget Sound Clean Air Agency says that air quality levels could drop to "moderate" or "unhealthy for sensitive groups." Experts are asking everyone to avoid outdoor burning and limit wood-burning heating (unless it's your only heating source).

Fog is entrenched across Puget Sound this morning. A Dense Fog Advisory continues until 11 a.m. During this time, visibility could drop to a quarter of a mile out or less. While fog may clear for some by 11 a.m. or noon, a couple neighborhoods could stick with fog throughout the entire day. For others, hazy sunshine is on tap for this afternoon.

Highs today should lift to the mid to upper 40s. The coast will see much more sunshine than Puget Sound; that's why temps there could boost to the low 50s. The mountains will also enjoy mostly sunny skies.

Morning fog and afternoon sunshine will continue almost all week. At times, there could be freezing fog (especially in the South Sound). Each day, it'll take longer and longer for the fog to clear. Again, there could be hazy sunshine due to trapped pollutants. By late Friday and Saturday, showers could scour out any smoke – improving air quality.

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Meteorologist Abby Acone
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