Briefly cloudy before spring sunshine & warmth return

After a terrific Tuesday, we'll see a (mostly) wonderful Wednesday. While high pressure keeps us nearly dry, weather systems will go up and over us into BC. 

Today we'll have that dynamic of a weather system bringing BC some rain, but for us it'll just be some high clouds and maybe some sprinkles in the northern Cascades and Olympic mountains-- possibly the northern coast and Strait of Juan de Fuca. More sunshine the further south one is. 

High temps again will be near 70 for the next several days, so quite pleasant. Normal high for this time of year is 65. Once the weak front passes, we'll see more of the blue sky variety of sunshine. 

High temps will end up mid 70s through the first half of the weekend. Some of the forecast models warm us up considerably on Sunday before a rainy reality check from Mother Nature. Possible showers as early as Sunday night. Then a regimen of much cooler and a bit soggier weather for next week. -Tim Joyce