Awesome autumn continues with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures

Our awesome autumn continues with abundant sunshine today and tomorrow and highs close to 80 degrees.  

There is a good chance that wildfire smoke from fires in California will invade our area starting tonight.  It looks likely that the smoke will stay at upper levels in the atmosphere and deliver mainly hazy sunshine and orange sunsets.  Hopefully it will not descend to the surface and impact our air quality again.  Here's the FutureCast Model for the smoke.  Notice the time stamp on the right side of the banner.  The grey blob is the smoke.  Right now, it looks like smoke starts to hit the south Washington coast by this evening and fills in all of Western Washington overnight into tomorrow morning.  By tomorrow evening, it looks like the entire state is impacted.  Then on Thursday, it looks like it will start to clear out.  

Hopefully the smoke will not be that bad this time and we will enjoy the lovely weather forecast for the beginning of October.  Thursday through Monday, expect variations on the theme of:  morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, temps in the low 70s and then upper 60s, which is normal for this time of year.

Meteorologist M.J. McDermott