Another warm day in Washington before mild, wet weather returns

SEATTLE -- Big changes ahead this week as we see a return to seasonal temps and sogginess too.

Cooler ocean winds are working into Puget Sound and clouds will fill in our skies with some raindrops working into the region from the south later Monday evening. A slight chance we could see some of those showers ramp up into thunderstorms, but a better chance of that Tuesday afternoon.

    High temperatures will be much cooler than yesterday's record-setting 87. Expect mostly the much more comfortable mid 70s on Monday around Puget Sound.

    Chance of showers continues into tonight with overnight lows in the mid-50s. We'll see those on/off showers for most of this week and afternoon temps back down towards the normal of 64.

    A few afternoons / evenings those showers could blossom into some small thunderstorms. At this point that looks most likely for Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Friday a brief dry break before some weekend showers return.