Another lovely and comfortable July day

If you liked yesterday and the day before and the day before . . . you're going to like today.  Expect mostly sunny skies with highs around 80.  Normal for this time of year is 79 for SeaTac, so today will be a perfectly normal and enjoyable July day.

There is one difference from yesterday, however.  A convective system in Oregon is bringing a little rain there and also some lightning strikes.  The rain is minimal.  Even though the radar looks pretty active in Southern Oregon, the National Weather Service in Medford, OR, is reporting only a trace of rain, saying that most of this is "virga," rain that evaporates before it hits the ground, because it is so very dry there at the surface.  HOWEVER, Klamath Falls has reported 0.02" of rain so far this morning, so some of this is hitting the ground.  Significantly, the area of the enormous Bootleg fire in southeast Oregon is forecast to get some decent rain this afternoon.  That's the good news.  There is also the possibility of thunderstorms with this and lightning could ignite more fires.  That's the bad news.  So, say a prayer that they get a good soaking rain there and no lightning strikes!

The weather in Oregon is sending high clouds our way, which is why today will be "mostly sunny" instead of totally sunny.  We're not expecting any rain with this in Washington State, although the Spokane Weather Service office is forecasting a few "sprinkles" in Central and Eastern Washington.

Fires in Okanogan County continue to deliver smoke that is degrading the air quality there.  This is a current photo from Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop.  Visibility is lousy and the air quality is "hazardous" again today - the purple dot on the map.  Onshore flow continues to keep the smoke away from Western Washington and we are enjoying "good" air quality again today - the green dots.

Tomorrow will be a lot like today - mostly sunny and a tad warmer, mid 80s.

We'll be warming up to the uncomfortable range by the end of the week.  It'll be sunny and warm/hot on Thursday and Friday - getting into the upper 80s to near 90.  

The weekend looks pleasant again as we keep the sun around but cool down to the mid 80s on Saturday and to around 80 on Sunday and Monday.  Nice start to August.

With mostly sunny skies and highs around 80, it's another Waggin' Tail Day for the Pet Walk Forecast.  And Daisy looks happy about it!

Meteorologist M.J. McDermott