Another foggy morning Tuesday, but rain returns later this week

SEATTLE -- Yes, more fog Tuesday morning, but less fog later in the week as we finally get some fall rain!

Tuesday starts out foggy and dry. A dense fog advisory has been issued through 11:00 a.m.

Tuesday evening will see less fog as we get a little rain at the coast and over the Olympics. Tuesday night has a little rain for the Metro but don’t expect much.

    Wednesday will be mostly dry but cloudy -- though not as foggy.

    Thursday looks like a “normal” late October day with rain. It looks breezy up north but not stormy. Rake up your leaves before the rains come.

    Friday looks breezy with passing showers and some sun breaks.

    Saturday should be dry but Sunday looks wet and breezy again. This new pattern goes to show you just how nice the last few weeks have been. Right now, Halloween looks dry.