Active December weather

December is throwing it all at us today and throughout the rest of the week. 

Today, expect rain in the lowlands, tapering to showers this afternoon.  It will be breezy-to-windy, especially windy to the north (Whatcom County) and the coast with winds gusting into the 40-45 mph range.  The snow is coming down in the mountains at pass level.  There is a Winter Weather Advisory for the Cascades and Olympics thorugh 4 p.m. this afternoon.  Expect difficult travel over the passes with snow, heavy at times this morning, and gusty winds that will cause poor visibility. This is good news for skiers!

The next three days will have "moderate" impact weather-wise with the rain, mountain snow, gusty winds AND a High Surf Advisory for the coast that kicks in this afternoon through tomorrow morning.

For the Pet Walk Forecast, it's a Wet Paws Day for sure!  Might as well chill out in front of the Christmas tree, like these dogs:

Meteorologist M.J. McDermott