A few Saturday rain showers then drying out and warming up

May is still technically our rainy season, so seeing some isolated showers for Mother's Day weekend is fairly typical most years. 

Today the bulk of the front stays off-shore, so most of the precipitation ends up along the coast and Olympic Peninsula. Around Puget Sound, we'll see clouds with breaks of sunshine and just a chance of showers. What you'll notice is the chillier than normal temperatures. Normal for this time of the year is typically in the mid-60s, but on Saturday it will be in the mid-50s. Today's temps are normal for the end of March, not early May. 

For Mother's Day, we'll have a chance of a shower or two in the morning, but I think sunshine will win out by the afternoon. We’ll also be a couple of degrees warmer too on Sunday, near 60 for most of us. 

The coming week looks warmer and drier, with highs many days through the middle of the week hitting low-70s. 


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