Seattle weather: 90s on Thursday, then cooler highs through the weekend

What a spectacular day! We hit 90 at the airport for the 11th time this year, and we are on track to do it again Thursday. The all-time record for 90 degree days in one year at SeaTac is 12. We will likely tie that tomorrow. 

With the mercury climbing so high today overnight temperatures will have a hard time cooling off to average. Normal for this time of year is now 57. Seattle should land in the mid 60s. 

High pressure will hang on through Thursday keeping us very hot, especially over the Cascades and into Eastern Washington. That high will slowly start to slide off to the southeast as we roll into the weekend. This will open the door for cooler air to push onshore.

Until then the Northwest is lit up with alerts! A heat Advisory for most of Western WA holds on through late Thursday with Excessive Heat Warnings and Red Flag Warnings through the mountains and Eastern Washington.

Our FOX Weather team is forecasting low 90s tomorrow. Stay hydrated, wear sunblock, and limit time outdoors.

What a day for a Seahawks game right? With highs forecast in the 90s for kick off it will feel even hotter on the turf for players! Make sure you plan accordingly if you are heading to Lumen Field to watch the Hawks take on the Bears. We have you covered pre-game on FOX13 with our gameday crew bringing the latest updates starting at 4pm.

Once we get to the weekend it will feel more like a traditional summer in Seattle! Enjoy! 

Have a great week all! ~Erin Mayovsky, FOX 13 Forecaster

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