80s return to Seattle in late September

This forecast will boggle your mind. Highs on Monday will soar to the 80s in Puget Sound! Some spots over the Cascade foothills could see temps near 90 degrees. This is extremely impressive for it being the last week of September.

Highs today will comfortably warm to the low to mid 70s for most. Morning clouds are clearing for afternoon sunshine. There could be mid to high-level clouds around Western Washington today, giving us some filtered sun. 

Tomorrow, temps boost to the upper 70s! The 80s make a comeback on Monday. Tuesday will stay warm in the upper 70s. 

Here is why we're tracking toasty temperatures: there are three ingredients giving us this warmth. High pressure, a "thermal trough" and northeast/easterly winds will lead to soaring temperatures and increased fire danger. Make sure to heed any burn bans in your area! Do everything you can to avoid starting fires. 

Unfortunately, this northeast/easterly flow could drag in some smoke from fires burning over the Cascades and in Eastern Washington on-and-off through Tuesday. Some communities could smell smoke and see a drop in air quality. Right now, it seems like eastern King and Snohomish Counties have the best chance for wildfire haze, but it could happen elsewhere. 

Here is an updated outlook from Puget Sound Clean Air Agency: 

"We will have mostly GOOD and MODERATE AQ throughout the region on Saturday. Some wildfire smoke has pushed into eastern Snohomish along US 2. This afternoon, the winds should push that smoke back east. Overnight Sat into Sun, and again Sun-Mon, the pattern may repeat with some moderates in eastern Snohomish County and King County in the AM. We'll update the forecast if/as conditions change."

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

We will have to watch if air quality drops to an "unhealthy for sensitive groups" level in places. Westerly winds by late Tuesday and Wednesday should help scour out that smoke. Stick with us for updates!

Outside of the haze, tomorrow will be beautiful for the Hawks game - kickoff is at 1:25 p.m. If you're headed to the game, make sure to wear short-sleeves and sunglasses. Don't forget about the sunscreen!

Check this out: there is a slight chance for isolated showers Wednesday and/or Thursday (Seattle rain fans rejoice!). Thursday will be cloudier. Friday, we return to sunny skies with highs in the low 70s. 

What do you think of this above-average warmth? Let me know on Twitter.  

Have a good weekend, 

Meteorologist Abby Acone
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