2 more super soaker storms before drier weather returns

Our active weather pattern from last week continues right into the first part of this week as well. Both today and tomorrow are in the yellow category on the Impact Outlook due to the soaking rain, mountain snow, flooding rivers, and elevated landslide risk. 

We're tracking four rivers that are at or above flood stage. Most of this flooding is minor to moderate, but it's important to obey road closure signs when you find them. 

Today is a mild day with temperatures already above normal in a lot of lowland places that are warmer than the normal high of 46 for this part of January. The heaviest rain will be this morning and the steady rain will taper off into on/off showers for this afternoon and evening. 

But, with this weather pattern -- we've still got one more big rain/snow maker out in the Pacific and heading our way just in time for tomorrow afternoon. 

This will be the final storm in the parade that's gone on for more than a week of storms, each delivering intense precipitation. The new year is only four days old and already some spots have racked up impressive rainfall totals. 

The good news is that after the Tuesday night/Wednesday morning round of rain, we'll actually dry things out around here. Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday look totally dry! 

We do see a chance of showers on Friday, GameDay for the Seahawks on Saturday, and Sunday too. But, the weekend looks more showery than stormy. -Tim Joyce