Young boy gives special support to new South Snohomish County Honor Guard

After featuring a story on Washington’s Most Wanted about efforts underway to start the South Snohomish County Honor Guard with officers from Mill Creek, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Edmonds and Mukilteo police departments. It's a non-profit so they have to raise all of the money needed for special uniforms and flags. One Pierce County mother saw that story and when her son told her he wanted to give some of his Christmas money to help a community, she gave him several choices. He picked the honor guard because of his dad. His name is Bryce Woxen and he’s about to turn 8 years old in February.

Bryce could have used his leftover Christmas money to buy toys, but instead, he's teaching us all a lesson in generosity. “I wanted to donate because it's 2015 and I'm growing up and I would like to donate some money to help for your community.” His letter to Lynnwood Sgt. David Harris, who's starting the new South Snohomish County Honor Guard explains why. It reads, "Mr. Harris, I would like to donate $30.15 to your community. My dad is a first responder and is in the honor guard for West Pierce Fire and Rescue.” That's right -- his dad, Denny, is a firefighter on the honor guard and understands how much the respect means to a grieving family. "Having pride in your community and your country is really important,” Bryce’s dad says. “It does great things for folks that they feel pride.” But, Denny says his son really gets his sense of community from his mother, Jennifer, who’s fostered a sense in Bryce of service before self. "He understands that and it starts at a very young age,” says Bryce’s mom. “So, we encourage him to think of others before yourself if at all possible and if you have it, then share it." Bryce did keep a little of his Christmas money so he can buy his sister some books for her birthday --but shhh --..don't tell her! Bryce is an amazing young man who’s setting an example for us all. And, what does he want to be when he grows up? A firefighter like his dad. On Monday, January 19th, Sgt. Harris is meeting with Bryce to thank him for his generosity and to present him a certificate naming him as an honorary South Snohomish County Honor Guard member. Let's all follow Bryce's lead and donate to help the honor guard buy the supplies they need to get started. CLICK HERE to make a donation on their website.