What's the difference between 'stop on red', and 'no right turn on red'?

aa-red lightQ: "What's the difference between 'stop here on red', and 'no right turn on red'?" -- Ivan in Everett A: "Ivan, that's a great question, and really it's all about safety. A 'stop here on red' is basically the state telling you, for your safety and for other people, pedestrians and vehicles, you need to stop at a certain point, and that's usually dictated by a white line on the road. A 'no right turn on red' is just a little bit different, and what that means is, when you come up to a stoplight, and in WA we have a free right hand turn lane, the state is saying, it's too dangerous for you to do that - traffics coming too fast, you can't see, you know those types of things. You cannot turn right on red, unless there's a green arrow for you. So, you gotta be really careful, when the state says 'stop her on red', you need to stop at the line and then you can proceed, versus on the opposite side -- **cut out him saying "stop" --- "no right turn on red' means that you just can't turn right until you're told you're allowed to." -- Everett police Ofc. Aaron Snell