Washington's Most Wanted fugitive found hiding 30 feet up a tree after Kitsap County pursuit

CAPTURED: November 23, 2017

Washington’s Most Wanted fugitive Joshua Blackwood told the Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies who arrested him after he tried to climb a tree to escape on Thanksgiving that he knew he was actively being pursued in other counties and that is why he came to Kitsap County.   He was right. Police in Mountlake Terrace, Bothell, Lynnwood and Everett were on alert after receiving information from WMW viewers that he was back in Washington state.

The 22-year-old was caught on November 23rd after an alert citizen called 911 after seeing a man slumped over the wheel of a stolen gold Lexus at the 76 gas station on the corner of Jackson Ave SE and SE Sedgwick Rd. When deputies approached the vehicle, they say Blackwood took off.   Deputies pursued him and attempted a PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique) maneuver to spin the back of Blackwood’s car with the bumper of a patrol vehicle. Blackwood’s car  the center lane and then veered back and continued over the fog line before hitting an embankment on the west side of Phillips Rd Se.

Deputies say he jumped out and fled into the woods. Multiple sheriff`s deputies and Port Orchard police officers arrived on scene a few moments later and helped locate Blackwood who was hiding approximately 30 feet up in a tree. Deputies were able to convince him to come down. According to the arrest report,  Blackwood admitted to smoking methamphetamine and heroin that day.

In his vehicle, deputies recovered a glass water bong, tin foils with heroin residue, hypodermic needles and a license plate stolen from a vehicle in Renton. Blackwood was taken to the Harrison Medical Center to be checked out where deputies say he threatened to hit his head against the wall until they warned him they would put a helmet on his head. After he calmed down, he was booked into jail on a ‘plethora’ of warrants and new charges stemming from the Kitsap County chase. He is being held without bail. His next court date is Dec. 21st.

He had been wanted since August as a fugitive from justice in Oregon.

Oregon State Police say a Trooper approached a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse at the Baldock rest area just south of Wilsonville for investigation of alleged public indecency.  21-year-old Ashley Cochrane of Lake Stevens exited the vehicle. Blackwood moved to the vehicle's driver seat. Troopers say Cochrane then reportedly jumped back in the car and the two suspects fled the scene.

Oregon State Police pursued, and were soon joined in the chase by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) patrol deputies and deputies contracted to the Wilsonville Police Department.

At approximately 3:23 a.m., Blackwood crashed the vehicle near milepost 276 on Interstate 5 southbound. Blackwood then fled the vehicle on foot, heading westbound. She also bailed out of the vehicle and fled to the southwest.

At 3:51 a.m., police captured Cochrane and her case will be presented to a grand jury at a future date. However, police were unable to locate Blackwood. The Oregon State Police is seeking tips from the public.

The King County Sheriff's Office says he has several misdemeanor warrants for Theft, DWLS and reckless driving. ​

Blackwood is a danger behind the wheel. Last year, he was wanted in Edmonds after an officer witnessed him driving recklessly.


“He cut someone off. Almost caused a collision. Went to stop him and he decided to take off. Wove in and out of traffic. Officer gave chase for a very short period of time, because of the way he was driving and putting other people in danger. He ended up crashing his car a short distance later. Officer came on scene, found the car crashed, he’s scrambling to get out of it and he takes off running," said Edmonds PD Sgt. Shane Hawley.

He was caught by Seattle Police and charged with Theft 3, VUCSA  (Illegal Drugs) in Everett, Failure to Appear on several Driving While License Suspended cases in Lynnwood and Edmonds and a fugitive investigation in King County District Court.