Violent bank robber: Help ID woman who terrorized small town tellers, possibly escaped by boat

A small bank in a small town becomes the target of massive terror by a violent bank robber.

Take a good look at the suspect: Pacific County detectives need your help to identify her.

Sheriff Scott Johnson describes what happened during the robbery. "We had a lady enter the Bank of Pacific in Naselle, Washington. It's a small, 'mom and pop' type of bank. At first she went to the counter to pass a note and shortly thereafter, she jumped the barrier, she grabbed the bank manager and then assaulted two of the young tellers at the at the branch. She was very aggressive, we want to capture this person. Both of the tellers are very lucky that they were not seriously injured. She grabbed them, wrestled with them, shoved one of them backwards, before she was actually able to gain access to the cash. These people were, just very shaken up. This is the third time over a number of years that this small bank's been robbed and very, very traumatic incident."

The bank camera at the counter snapped really good shots of her face. Detectives hope it's enough to so someone can help them locate her – but Sheriff Johnson says there's another big clue in the case. "Just prior to the robbery was a Budget Rental truck, we believe it to be a Chevy, maybe 2008, 2009, or 2010, that was seen circling the bank four times just prior. I need to stress that we don't know if this is related to the robbery, or not, but that very same truck was seen parked at a local boat launch, which is the direction the robber went to after the robbery."

So, it's possible she got away by boat or somehow by water.

Detectives say she has a stocky build: Weighing around 200 pounds and is about 5’8”.

The sheriff says with Nasalle being such a tight-knit community, they don't think she's from the area.

The Bank of Pacific is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to her arrest and conviction.

If you know her name, call the Pacific County Sheriff's Office at (360) 875-9397.