The traffic light's not changing -- can I blow through it?

Q: I drive a truck in an industrial area where some traffic lights never change for me. Can I blow the red light? -- Ken in Federal Way A: "Ken, I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been in that situation times before and it's frustrating. You know that light needs to go green, but it just isn't. What I recommend first off, is if you can, take that legal right hand turn. Get yourself turned back around, that way you can go through the green light safely. If you know there's a light that's doing that in your area, try to contact the city or whomever governs those lights, and get that fixed so it's not a problem for you, and that way if for some reason you are stopped and cited for failure to yield to that red light, at least you have some documentation you could take to the court, to show you did make an attempt to get the light corrected." -- Washington State Trooper Julie Judson