'The grass is growing, it is definitely ready to be cut:' Help ID sneaky midnight-striking lawnmower thieves

The grass is so tall at a theft victim’s home in Yakima that his dogs can't even find their toys in it, after a pair of thieves snuck into his yard in the middle of the night and stole his $7,000 riding lawnmower.

"On the morning of April 10th, as I was heading to work, my wife motioned to me out the window and asked me where the lawnmower was, so I went and pulled-up the video on the security system, you'll see a car go by that had dropped the two guys off and they walked into the driveway, walked down the grass hill to the carport where the lawnmower was and backed it out, pushed it up the driveway and down the street,” described theft victim, Jeff Cromer.

His John Deere X570 riding lawnmower has not been recovered.

Jeff had hoped to hop on it for a first mow of the season, instead, he's dealing with much more than just having tall grass. “The biggest hardship is really just having to do with going to work. I'm employed by an essential company and working through that on a daily basis, with the longer hours and the longer schedules, work schedules, it's really just having to deal with the frustration of having to go find another lawnmower and dealing with insurance to get it replaced, so it's one of those things that you just rather not have to deal with and if anybody can help identify the guys that that did it, maybe we can prevent somebody else from having to deal with it too,” said Cromer.

The one suspect wore an Adidas sweatshirt with stripes running down the arms.

If you recognize them, or know where to find Jeff's John Deere, use the P3 Tips app on your smart phone to submit the information to Crime Stoppers, or call the hotline at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477). It's anonymous and there is a cash reward for anyone who has a tip that leads to the identity of the suspects.