Subway seat slasher: Help identify suspect who secretly did thousands of dollars in damage with blade

WANTED IN FIFE -- This case is bizarre: A man caught on camera slashing seats with a knife at a Subway restaurant. Fife Police detectives are hoping you can help identify him. "He comes in at about 4 o'clock in the morning and he sits down on one of the couches and he just starts to fall asleep and the clerks, they contact him and just say, 'Hey, you know you can't sleep in here, you've gotta buy something or you need to leave' and so he leaves,” says Fife Det. Sgt. Tom Thompson. “About two hours later he comes back and he does come in and he buys a sandwich and he walks over and he sits down on one of the leather couches and what you see is you see him fiddling with his pocket and he pulls out a knife and he just starts cutting on the couch. Well, then he gets up and he walks over and he sits down on another one of the leather benches and proceeds just to make a big slice across that leather, walks over to each of the other couches and sits down and just starts to cut them. The clerk that helped him said there was no issue with him when he came back at 6 o'clock. He seemed okay, there was no tension, no confrontation at all, which is even more disturbing that he just goes over and destroys all these leather couches."

Detectives say he did about $4,500 in damage with possibly a short fold-out-style knife or maybe a box cutter. He wore a Los Angeles Dodgers sweatshirt. If you know who he is, call an anonymous tip into: CRIME STOPPERS: 1-800-222-TIPS You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest. CLICK HERE for information on how to TEXT A TIP to Crime Stoppers