'Muscle Car' owners shows support for law enforcement in Snohomish County

SNOHOMISH COUNTY -- The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement continues to be vocal against police brutality, but last weekend a group in Snohomish County stepped up to say that ‘All Lives Matter’ – especially those in law enforcement. "It feels like sometimes police are the bad guys and it's the exact opposite,” says event organizer, Tracy McMillan. “They're the good guys. They're the ones that are out there protecting us and keeping us safe.”

Car clubs from around the region met up in Lynnwood last Saturday, not only to show off their cool cars, but to cruise around the north sound in support of law enforcement. They stopped at several police stations to tell officers how much they appreciate their hard work and to show the community that police lives matter just as much as everyone else’s. McMillan adds, “I've come to know that they are the good guys and they're my friends and friends to every single person in this community and we need to back them up, we need to support them and that's what we're doing here with our muscle cars. As a final touch the group lined their back windshields with blue tape – the universal sign of support for law enforcement.