Marysville Community Service Officer gives abused animals a voice, justice and new homes

MARYSVILLE -- The images in the video below of some abused dogs and cats can be distressing for some, I know they were for me, but I want to be clear that all of them survived because of the dedication of one officer in Marysville who is giving those four-legged victims a voice, some justice and finding them a new home. "This is one of the worst emaciation cases I've seen.” It's not easy for Marysville Ofc. Dave Vasconi to put aside his feelings. “This is a report of a cat shot that has been shot with an arrow.” He loves the animals and knows he has to leave his emotions at home because he needs a clear head to investigate these horrible cases of abuse. "Animals are innocent voiceless creatures,” Ofc. Vasconi says. “I look at them the same as I look at an infant. They can't tell us who's starving them, who is kicking them in the ribs. They can't tell us any of that." It's his job to protect them and it’s one he’s really good at. “He has a phenomenal success rate, 100% percent success rate in animal cruelty convictions,” says Marysville Police Commander Robb Lamoureux.

Officer Vasconi, who prefers to be called Dave, started working as a Snohomish County Reserve Deputy in 1988 and jumped at this job when it opened almost 20 years ago. “We owe it to the animals to be good to them, to provide them with the necessities that they need and a little bit of love and affection and assure you that if you commit a crime against an animal in Marysville and we catch you doing it, you`re going to be arrested.” Take Peanut`s case for example, an almost four year old Maltese Chihuahua that was in really bad shape when Dave rescued him last year. “This dog was severely emaciated and in need of immediate medical attention. He was nearly dead.” He’s doing great now, though, thanks much to Lee Miles who applied to take care of Peanut. "Dave is amazing. The way he handled it was very professional, but on the same level I could tell he had a very personal involvement in the case, he cared very much about Peanut." Dave is quick to credit Pasado’s Safe Haven for helping his investigations and the doctors and staff at VCA hospital in Marysville for saving the animals lives. The hospital’s manager, Jolene Mercier says, “We feel so grateful to have him here. He has helped so many animals that otherwise just don`t get the treatment they deserve.” But everyone knows it's the passion Ofc. Vasconi brings to the job every day that is making all the difference in these animals lives. "I'm just blessed to have the opportunity here to enforce these laws and find justice for these animals."