'Justice for Jeff:' Billboards in Clark County giving new hope to help solve murder in Pacific County

CLARK COUNTY -- This summer will mark five years since 36-year-old Jeff Beach from Kent was attacked and killed in Pacific County.

He was visiting there for a softball tournament when he was violently assaulted while trying to stop some women from being harassed.

No arrest has been made, but the sheriff's department believes the suspects are from the Vancouver-Portland area, so now, the owner of Beacon Plumbing Services has launched a public awareness campaign in Clark County offering a huge reward in the case.

Who murdered Jeffrey Beach? That's the question drivers are seeing now in the Vancouver, Washington area.

A billboard along NE St. Johns Rd. is the first of four going up in Clark County, asking for the public's help. Beacon Plumbing Services owner, Bill Cahill, funded the campaign and reward. “You can't forget about a case. You can't let a case go cold. What happened to the Beach family could happen to anybody," said Cahill. He understands the pain Jeff's parents feel every day. His sister was murdered in the 1980's.

Even though Jeff was attacked over July 4th weekend in Long Beach in Pacific County, detectives believe the suspects are in, or near Vancouver. "There might be people connected to the case that were involved, that have changed their allegiance," said Cahill. "They've made a decision that the people that they're hiding aren't really worth $36,000, so maybe they're going to contact the Pacific County Sheriff's Department and they're going to take involvement in this case. If you don't like the guy you're standing next to and you never liked him anyway, you`d probably do better with $36,000 in your pocket and you'd be doing the community a favor."

Jeff’s parents, Keith and Laurie Beach, are never going to give up hope that their son’s killer or killers will be caught. “We just hope there's that one person that comes and says, `Oh, I think I know something` and will call, said Laurie Beach.

“Mr. Cahill has been unbelievably supportive of our efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice in the homicide of my son and more than anything, I think right now, since we're approaching it being almost five years, is to let people know that this is still an unsolved case,” said Keith Beach.

Jeff was visiting Long Beach for a softball tournament when he was attacked on July 3, 2015. He was airlifted to Portland, where he died.

“We don't know if there was an intent to kill our son, or if there was an intent to do something else, but there are people that know that and I'm sure those people have consciences and I'm sure those people have been carrying this around with them for a while and if it's able to get that off their chest, regardless of any reward money, then that'd be something that's a good thing for them to do,” said Jeff’s father.

The lack of progress in the investigation has been frustrating for them. “Sometimes you don't know if you should do more, or maybe you shouldn't do anything, but I think we have reached the point where we feel we've got to do more than what we have been,” said Jeff’s mother.

Jeff’s parents hope the new billboards spark someone's memory and provide leads for investigators to follow up on, to give them the justice they deserve. “When you go to family events and you see people being able to do stuff with their grandkids, or even with their children that we can't anymore, it's just hard,” said Laurie Beach.

"This family has been through five years of hell and if you can help a family that's gone through what they've gone through within the last five years, I think we're a better area. Washington State. I'm sure somebody's going to come forward, they're going to do the right thing," said Bill Cahill.

He says the Crime Stoppers billboards will change locations over the next six months to reach as many people in Clark County as possible and he may not stop there. “We're going to put up more signs if we have to. We're going to work with the police department, Crime Stoppers is going to work with the police department and we're going to find justice.”

Someone knows who the killers are and it's time to come forward.

The call to Crime Stoppers is anonymous -- no one will know your name -- and again, that $36,000 cash reward will be yours if your information leads to an arrest in the case. The number to call is 1-800-222-TIPS(8477), or use the P3 Tips App to submit your information to Crime Stoppers.