Joseph Ceccerelli: accused of nearly mowing down a work crew while wasted

josephceccerelliWANTED IN SEATTLE -- Joseph Ceccerelli was wasted when he nearly mowed down a Department of Corrections work crew, according to police. Officers said that he was speeding through Seattle's SODO neighborhood when he almost hit one of the workers picking up trash for community service. A DOC supervisor flagged down an officer who caught up with Ceccerelli at a nearby gas station. "The supervisor in charge of the DOC workers obviously is irate, watches the car and sees a Seattle Police car coming. It turns out to be a DUI officer," said Ret. Detective Myrle Carner. When the officer caught up with Ceccerelli, he blew a .18 during field sobriety test, and was arrested. 49-year old Ceccerelli has a history of drunk driving three decades in the making, and is known to booze it up with the 'campers' in the flatlands area of Seattle. Call Crime Stoppers if you spot him at 1-800-2322-TIPS. You can also text a tip here.