Innocence Lost: Seattle Pacific University club takes on human trafficking

SEATTLE --It can't just be law enforcement who's fighting human trafficking. The community needs to join-in as well, like students at Seattle Pacific University are doing. Chelsea Van Essen is a senior at SPU who started up a club that's part of the national "Set Free" movement to educate and take action against human trafficking in Seattle. "I'd always had a heart and passion for girls you've had low self-esteem or eating disorders, or sexual abuse kind of thing. I think the human trafficking really put those all together for me. It's been something that's been in my heart for a long time, as well as at school, and we're part of the First Free Methodist Church, and 'Set Free' to the national movement as well, and so seeing all these people, we all have the same heart for this, so let’s bring them together and empower students, who I think is the next generation. So, let’s tune their hearts to justice and hope and healing." The ‘Set Free Club’ at SPU is a great chance for students – and anyone in the public -- to get involved in addressing the issues of human trafficking. CLICK HERE for more information on The ‘Set Free Club’ at SPU