I'm legally carrying a gun, and I just got pulled over -- do I tell the officer?

askacop-new-version2Q: If an officer pulls you over and you have a handgun, do you tell them you have a concealed carry permit, or don't tell them at all? -- Robert from Everett A: "Robert, that's something that's very important to law enforcment officers. I can tell you from my experiences, I always appreciate it when not only I'm advised, but it's more about how you do it. Most of the time the people who are carrying, and rightfully so, you have the right to do that if you have your certified pistol license. You just want to make sure you keep you hands in view, just let the officer know 'I'm carrying today, I'm licensed to do so. Our next concerns are going to be, where's that gun. Is it going to be in a place where it's righ within your reach as you go for your wallet. Know at that point, anything the officer does, maybe they decide they want to have you give them the weapon, just during the contact, it's not because we're worried that you're not doing it correctly, it's how we're trained to keep ourselves safe. We do appreciate that information, and I think that giving that information is the safest way for everyone" -- Washington State Trooper Julie Judson