I'm a woman and want to be a cop. Will I have to deal with a lot of sexism?

Q: I want to be a cop, but worry if I'll be respected as a female officer. I know things have changed since the '80's, but will I have to deal with a lot of sexism? -- Mariah A: "Mariah, I want to encourage you to become a police officer. It's a great and honorable profession. Please, whatever you do, pursue those goals. As for your concerns about sexism, again, you even said, it's not really the 80's anymore. Once you get on the force, they're going to judge you by your quality of work, and by your integrity, and by your professionalism. That's what is really going to count. As a matter of fact, our Chief of Police here in Everett, Washington is a female. We also have lots of sergeant's who are females. So really, sexism is not prevalent in our industry. Be a good officer. Be a quality officer. Do your best. The citizens will love you, and so will your fellow officers." -- Ofc. Aaron Snell, Everett Police Department