I just got in a crash and there are no cops here -- what do I do?

zzcarQ: What does a driver do in an accident that police do not show up to, like a fender bender? -- Tom from Spokane A: "Tom, if you have a crash and you don't have a collision report taken by a police officer, you might worry, 'well, what am I going to do now'? You do have an option of turning in a police report at a local agency, telling them your side of it. But, the most important thing is to know your insurance company. What do they want from you. What do they expect you to collect if you are involved in a collision. Ultimately, they're going to have they're collision investigators review your case, and make a determination. So, I do recommend that if you're involved in an incident -- even a fender bender --  fill out your own report. Take it in, even if it doesn't require law enforcement help." -- Washington State Trooper Julie Judson