Help ID tip-stealing armed Subway robber who told worker, 'Don't take this personal, bro!'

"Don't take this personal, bro." Words this armed robber spewed to a Subway worker in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood last week. Tough not to take it personal when a guy has a gun and is stealing your tip money.

Now, Seattle Police are asking for your help to identify him.

He struck while the worker was in back of the shop and away from the register. "Suspect enters the front door and approaches the till area,” describes Ret. Det. Myrle Carner with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound. “Now, it's a little aggravating to me, he just reaches in the tip jar, takes all that money, sticks it in his pocket like it's nothing, then the clerk comes out and you see him kind of going, like, 'What?' And, the suspect says, 'Don't take this personal, bro, I just need the money. Let's go! Let's go! Next the you see is the clerk, he'll punch the till, it opens up and he give him all the money. Now, I'm going to lean on you for some observation skills. In the right hand of the suspect, he's carrying a very small, semi-automatic weapon. He's also wearing some gloves, they look like driving gloves, because the fingers are exposed, but when he reaches toward the money, he turns his palms upward, which means he doesn't want to leave his fingerprints. Now, what does that say? It tells me this is not his first job, he probably does this as an MO, doesn't want to leave his prints, so he then takes the money, he hurriedly just walks out of the store and disappears. I want you to take a really good look at the logo on the hat. It's very distinctive. Somebody will know exactly what this logo means, could be a local brand, we don't know, but take a good look at that. Also, take a good look at his facial features. He's got a little bit of a patchy goatee, we're not sure whether it's a scar next to it, it kind of looks like it, but take a good look at his face. This guy is probably well-known around the area, he's wandering around, the chances of him doing another robbery are pretty good."

Detectives think he's possibly Hispanic with light brown to olive skin, 20 to 35 years old, 5’8”, with a medium build and, again, what could be a scar or birthmark on his chin, or lower lip area.

This guy makes me so mad. Here's an innocent worker just doing his job. Making sandwiches and not much money and having to get preyed on like this. "Could be your son. Could be your brother. It could be you. I mean, he’s working for minimum wage and then the suspect has the gall to steal his tips on top of it, I mean, c'mon, this is really irritating the investigators,” said Carner.

If you know who this armed robber is, use the P3 Tips App to submit the information to Crime Stoppers, or call the hot line at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).