Help ID sneaky beer-boosting brawler seen body-slamming convenience store clerk

Seattle Police are asking for your help to identify this suspect who went from shoplifter to robber in an instant.

Watch the video below that shows the suspect sticking two cans of beer in his backpack. He also grabs a six-pack in the 7-Eleven on 3rd Ave. in downtown Seattle. He's quick and sly as he slips the beers into his backpack. He wasn't too fast though for a sharp-eyed clerk who spotted the theft and was able to get the suspect to return one of the cans. As other customers crowd around, the clerk and the suspect exchange words, but then as the thief tries to leave the store, the employee grabs for the beer that is still in the backpack and that's when the clerk gets thrown to the ground -- breaking the victim's $300 Apple Watch during the scuffle.

“When I look at this tape and I watch how violently this guy got all of a sudden, it just tells me that he`s got a quick temper and he`s going to go off on anybody who stops him and questions him and he`s going to steal again, there`s no doubt in my mind,” said Ret. Det. Myrle Carner with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound. “You watch this guy. He`s pretty slick. He`s done this before. I can tell you that this takes practice to do what he did and he`s probably going to do it again.”

Fortunately, the cameras got a good look at the suspect's face.

He was wearing all black and carrying a black backpack.

This happened on Sunday, June 1st between 11:30 and midnight.

Fortunately, the clerk was not hurt badly.

If you know the suspect’s name, get a cash reward of up to $1,000 by submitting a tip to Crime Stoppers. Use the P3 Tips App on your smart phone to submit the information to Crime Stoppers, or call the hot line at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).