Help ID condo complex car-prowling burglary couple

A couple of car-prowling burglars go wild in Edmonds -- hitting it big by infiltrating a condo building's secured parking garage.

Surveillance video shows the man and woman going from vehicle to vehicle looking for loot last week -- and they got a lot of it. "They hit a bunch of unlocked cars, very common in this sort of setting, people leave a lot of stuff, valuables in their cars, so they ended up with a fair amount of cash and some checks, some credit cards, personal information and that sort of stuff. They definitely came prepared to do their business. They were wearing face masks, wearing gloves, so they knew what they were coming to do,” said Edmonds Police Sgt. Shane Hawley.”

They didn't break-in, so detectives think they got a hold of keys somehow -- especially because it looks like they're trying to use a key of some sort to get into resident's mailboxes.

Detectives think both are in their 20's. He's wearing a white or gray Mariners hat. She's wearing what looks like Seahawks-colored gloves and fur-lined boots.

"Today's cautionary tale is a good reminder that even though you may be in a locked garage, you still need to lock your car and definitely take your valuables,” said Sgt. Hawley. “We see, all too often, people have a false sense of security that just because the garage is locked, everything is safe and they can just leave they're car unlocked. The reality is, these are hot targets if you're a vehicle prowler."

If you can tell Edmonds Police who this car-prowling burglary couple is, use the P3 Tips App on your smart phone to submit the information to Crime Stoppers, or call the hot line at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).