Help ID bold, light-footed home burglar

Pierce County detectives are hoping you can help identify the fraud suspect above who used credit cards stolen from a bold home burglary while the victims were fast asleep.

Around 2:30 Monday morning, surveillance video at a family's home in Edgewood recorded a burglar detectives believe is the same suspect creeping up the driveway just before he broke into the victim's garage. In one of the clips he steps very lightly and appears to be carrying his shoes to avoid making too much noise. Deputies say he stole a pressure washer, tools and a purse that was inside an unlocked car. Two hours later, detective say he walked into a Safeway in Milton and used credit cards from the purse, then he used a different card at Safeway stores in Kent and Des Moines and a store in Auburn.

Detectives think he may have just lifted up the victim's garage door to get inside since there was no sign of a break-in. “People tend to leave their cars unlocked when they're in the garage, because they think they're secure,” said Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer. “You should always lock your car in case somebody gets into the garage. They get into the cars. They take high-end tools, power washers. Homeowners are home in bed, in their residence where they should feel safe and they find out somebody’s been outside their residence, has broken in, taken some of their personal items while they've been sleeping. That's very disturbing and that's also somebody that might be armed, or ready to meet force with force, so that is a burglar who brought it up another level.”

If you know who this is, contact Crime Stoppers by calling the hot line at 1-800-222-TIPS, or using the P3 Tips App on your smart phone to submit the information.