Help Bothell Police identify suspect who tried to abduct woman at bus stop

Detectives need your help identifying the man in the sketch above who violently tried kidnapping a woman at a bus stop in downtown Bothell – but fortunately – she fought back.

Notice the word ‘Baseball’ written on his hat and his beady eyes -- some great details provided by the victim, so we're hoping someone recognizes him.

The attack happened at the bus stop just off Main Street, right next to where the "Kozy Korner Café” once stood until last summer’s massive fire and across from the Park ‘N Ride on 102nd Ave. NE.

Bothell Det. Rebecca Smith says the victim wasn't afraid of him until he struck. "When she had her back turned the suspect he came toward her from behind, put his arm around her neck, kind of in a choke hold type of maneuver and told her, 'She was going to come with him.' She saw that there was some construction workers across the street, so she was able to get away from him and yell for help and as she did that he released his hold on her neck, ran away towards the Park 'n Ride and then the witness came across the street from the construction site to make sure that she was okay. The witness went towards the Park 'n Ride to see if he could find the suspect, but he had already fled the area."

Detective Smith thinks the suspect is white, in his 40`s to 50`s, 6’0”, 150 to 160 pounds, with long, dark hair in a ponytail and a short beard. He was wearing dark clothing, with a hoodie and a black baseball cap with white embroidery believed to say 'Baseball" on the front.

"This is a high-traffic area,” Det. Smith adds. “There's obviously a construction site on one side. The bus stop is right next to where the 'Kozy Korner Cafe' used to be that burned down, so there's a wide-open chain link fence, there's no shrubbery, there's nowhere to hide. If he would have been able to get here away from the bus stop, it would have been in plain sight of all these cars driving by, the bus coming, so very unusual. I'm afraid that he's going to do it again and that's what motivates me the most to try and find him."

So, think back to October 27th: If you were in Bothell and saw a guy lurking around that looks like this, or recognize that hat, or his face, use the PS Tips App to anonymously submit the information to Crime Stoppers, or call the hot line at 1-800-222-TIPS.