Golf store shoe thief: Crime caught on camera shows thieves will try and do anything to get money

WANTED IN SEATTLE -- Surveillance video from Puetz Golf in Seattle shows the suspect comes in the door. Note that he’s carrying nothing in his hands. Retired Det. Myrle Carner with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound explains the scam he tried to pull. "He goes back to the shoe area and he picks out a pretty expensive pair of shoes, takes them out of the box, leaves the box and then just blatantly walks up to the front counter and tells this story, ‘Hey, I bought these shoes, they’re the wrong size. I just want to get a refund on it.’ The clerk, rightly so, says, ‘Well, do you have a receipt?’ Obviously the suspect is trying to scam him and finally the clerk, out of desperation say, ‘No, we just can’t do this.’ He says, ‘Well, do you have a sack I can put them in at least?’ The guy just calmly puts them in the bag, walks out the door and then bolts across the parking lot, jumps on a bike and makes away with a very expensive pair of shoes.”

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