Fact or fiction: Car crash cop response

zzfenderQ: Is it fact or fiction that police will not respond to a crash unless someone's hurt. If that's true, what do I do? -- Tom from Spokane A: "Tom, I understand why you're asking that question. It can be very confusing to figure out who's responsible, and then what to do about it if you have a crash. First off, you need to know it's a different agency to agency. So, depending on where your collision occured, it's going to change on who may respond. Some city, state, or county agency have different rulings. So, I can tell you from the state patrol, we're going to respond to that crash if we're available, and we'll take a report on it, as is mandated by the state if the damages appear to be over $700. You should know that if they're in a city, or there's a crash that they can't respond to it, the state does say that if it's $700 worth of damage, you have 4 days to go into either your local area, that county or city, and file your own report, or take one into the state." -- Washington State Trooper Julie Judson