Congressman Dave Reichert: 'Our daughters are not for sale'

SEATTLE -- Congressman Dave Reichert, R- Wash, knows that getting things passed through Congress is no easy task. But he also knows the issue of stopping child sex trafficking is too important to ignore. Reichert recently chaired an event called "Our daughters are not for sale," where he signed a congressional resolution that mandated children trafficked in the U.S. be treated as victims of a crime, not as perpetrators.

Dave Reichert

Still, as chair of the human resources subcommittee in Washington, Reichert has even brought forth studies that 60-percent of kids in foster homes become involved in human trafficking. "When you see the fear in the child's eyes, when you've seen an 11-year-old out on the street, you've got to wonder how they got out there," Reichert said. "You want to get them off the street." Currently, Reichert is working with other members of congress to pass bills that would hopefully give more opportunities to young women, so they're not forced on the street. "It is a life where they leave home as children and they end up in the arms of people who take advantage of them," Reichert said.